Varteg, Afan Lwyd Valley

This was a drift mine that worked the Nine-Feet (Black Vein) seam under the ownership of Jayne and Deakin who formed the Varteg Deep Black Vein Collieries Limited. It employed 358 men in 1903. For further details please see the listing on Vipond’s Collieries and on Deakins Slope.

Just some of the men who died at this mine;

  • 21/02/1853, James Cornick: Labourer: Crushed between railway wagons.
  • 9/08/1854, A. Jones: Collier: Explosion of firedamp from brushing out.
  • 27/03/1855, D. Carpenter, Age: 16: Collier: Fall of coal.
  • 4/02/1873, Michael McCarthy, Age: 43: Labourer: Killed by loco on their own road.
  • 8/01/1876, Edward Morgan, Age: 36: Collier: Fall of coal.


Information supplied by Ray Lawrence and used here with his permission.

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