Swansea Valley 75677/10961

This was just another small mine that abounded in this Valley. This one was working as early as 1802 with a pit of the same name being opened in 1871 by Jones & Saunders. The pit was oval in shape measuring 12 feet by 10 feet and 195 feet deep and the downcast ventilating shaft while the upcast was the drift. It was worked in 1878/82 by W.H. Esserey and was managed in 1878 by W. Williams. In 1884/93 it was owned by the Bryn Morgan Coal Company and managed by Thomas Jones.

In 1884 a Waddle type ventilating fan with an 18 feet diameter was installed. The Brass (Diamond) Vein was being worked on the long wall system using safety lamps.

It abandoned the Brass Vein in April 1895, employed 3 men in 1907and was shown as lying idle in 1908/10, employed 12 men in 1912 and
abandoned the Big Vein in July 1913. It was owned in 1923 by the K & L Syndicate, employed 4 men in 1923 and 14 men working the Big Vein in 1924.

The New Brynmorgan abandoned the Big Vein in December 1925 and at that time was owned by the Bryn Morgan Colliery Company.


Information supplied by Ray Lawrence and used here with his permission.

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