Ystalyfera/Gwys, Swansea Valley

This was a small level that was managed by William David in 1878. It was working the Pumpquart seam in 1883 when it was owned by the Gilfach Coal Company and managed by E.R. Fisher. It was owned by the Gilfach Colliery Company in 1885/6/7 when it worked the Brass seam and was managed by John Griffiths. It later worked the Stanllyd seam. In 1893/6 it was owned by the Gilfach Colliery Company of Swansea and was managed by Philip Williams and employed 43 men underground and 14 men on the surface. It abandoned the Brass seam in 1897.

There is no record of it after that date, although a Gilfach or New Palleg is shown as abandoning the Brass or Peacock and Big Vein seams in May 1912 when it closed. This one was owned by the Brynderi Anthracite Coal Company Limited of Lower Cwmtwrch. There was also a Gilfach No.2 Level at Lower Cwmtwrch which was owned by J.H. James and employed four men in 1937 and five men in 1938.

The Big Vein seam at this colliery consisted of; Carbon, 88.7%, Oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen, 7.4%, sulphur, 0.5% and ash , 3.4%.


Ystalyfera, Swansea Valley

This small anthracite slant worked the Red Vein under the ownership of the Gilfachgoch Colliery Company. It employed four men in 1910.


Information supplied by Ray Lawrence and used here with his permission.

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