Gurnos, Swansea Valley (753074)

The first listing that I can find for this level is in 1927 when it employed 3 men and was owned by the Pentwyn Colliery Company. In 1928 it employed 4 men, in 1933 it employed 17 men, and in 1937 it employed 15 men while the No.2 level employed 24 men. In 1938 the No.1 level was idle while the No.2 employed 34 men. In 1940 it employed 40 men and in 1943/5 the No.2 is owned by the Pentwyn Colliery Company of Pontardawe and employed 35 men underground working the Pinchin seam and 16 men on the surface with the manager being John Rees. It employed 69 men in 1948 and 65 men in 1950.

The Pentwyn No.2 Level then appears as a licensed mine in 1953/7 under the ownership of the Pentwyn Colliery Company Limited with the No.3 making an appearance around 1970. It is still listed as being owned by this company through to 1988. It worked the Lower Pinchin seam with it employing 30 men underground and 16 men on the surface in 1957.

In 1992 the No.3 level was owned by the Allied Anthracite Mining Company and in 1995/6 by JM Fuels of Llandybie. It worked the Upper Pinchin seam which had a section of; top coal 24 inches, dirt 28 inches, and bottom coal, 30 inches.


Information supplied by Ray Lawrence and used here with his permission.

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