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This was the name of several levels that worked the No.2 Rhondda seam by the pillar & stall method using naked lights in the 1890s when ventilation was by a furnace. Avon Hill was owned in 1884 by the Avon Hill Colliery Company and was managed by David Thomas.

One was owned by the Avon Hill Colliery Company of Briton Ferry in 1896 and employed 45 men underground and 8 men on the surface producing both house and manufacturing coals. The manager was William Jones. It closed in 1898.

Another level of this name employed 3 men in 1937 and 4 men in 1938 and was owned by F. White and Sons of Gelli Terrace, Abergwynfi in the 1940s and 1950s. It employed 15 men underground and 2 men at the surface in 1943/5 and eleven men underground and two men on the surface in 1947. It closed in 1950 and at that time employed 8 men.

The Treshenkin was also called Avon Hill.


Abergwynfi, Afan Valley 8937496019

This obscure little level was owned in 1893 by William Davies and Sons in 1893 and managed by William Davies. In 1903 it was owned by the Glenavon Rhondda Colliery Company. In 1907 it employed 53 men and in 1908 it was owned by the Glenavon Garw Collieries Limited of Port Talbot who in that year employed 33 men working underground and 6 men working at the surface of this mine.

This is possibly the same mine as the Avon Hill which was also called Treshenkin and was closed in 1910.

Some statistics:

  • 1899: Manpower: 106.
  • 1900: Manpower: 176.
  • 1901: Manpower: 220.
  • 1902: Manpower: 175.
  • 1903: Manpower: 175.
  • 1905: Manpower: 48.
  • 1909: Manpower: 39.
  • 1910: Manpower: 20.


nformation supplied by Ray Lawrence and used here with his permission.

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