Near Cymmer, Afan Valley

A National Coal Board broadsheet gives the opening date of this pit as 1864, but we can find no record of it until 1917 when it was owned by D. Edwards and Sons. This company was not a member of the Monmouthshire and South Wales Coal Owners Association. In 1918 they employed 50 men working underground and 8 men on the surface with the manager being W.J. Jenkins. In 1921 it was owned by the Blaenmawr Colliery Company, employed 90 men in 1922 and was still managed by Mr. Jenkins in 1923 when it employed 93 men.

On the 20th of March 1926, John Williams, aged 37 years and a haulier, was bringing out a horse-drawn empty tram at the end of the shift riding on the shaft, on seeing daylight horse increased its pace and he attempted to jump off to check horse but tram passed over him – back injuries. Died 21st.

In 1927 it was managed by D.G. Jones. In 1929 (22/7/1929) it was in the hands of the receiver and then it was taken over by the Garth Collieries Limited who called the mine Garth or Blaenmawr. In 1930 it was again owned by a Blaenmawr Colliery Company and employed 106 men working the Wenallt seam. The manager was Gwyn Lloyd. In 1932 it employed 90 men with the manager being D.G. Jones.

In 1935 it was called Garth Nos. 1 and 3 and employed 150 men underground and 45 men on the surface producing 50,000 tons of coal from the Wenallt seam. For further details please see Garth Tonmawr Colliery.

Some Statistics:

  • 1918: Manpower: 58.
  • 1922/3: Manpower: 90.
  • 1924/7: Manpower: 63
  • 1928: Manpower: 106
  • 1930: Manpower: 106.
  • 1932: Manpower: 90.
  • 1935: Manpower: 195. Output: 50,000 tons.


Information supplied by Ray Lawrence and used here with his permission.

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