Cymmer, AfanValley

Another short-life mine that worked in this valley, produced manufacturing coals for the Corrwg Merthyr Colliery Company of Glyncorrwg in 1893 when it was managed by Robert Gibb. It was owned by the East Kootenay Consolidated Limited in 1922 when the manager was H. Williams and by the Corrwg Merthyr Navigation Company Limited and was listed under their ownership in 1917 and 1921/3. In 1918/19 it was managed by H. Williams and employed 57 men underground and 14 men on the surface in 1918 and 100 men in 1919/22. The Corrwg Merthyr Navigation Company Limited did not join the Monmouthshire and South Wales Coal Owners Association.

It first worked the No.2 Rhondda seam and finally abandoned the Mountain seam in March 1925.

Some statistics:

  • 1918: Manpower: 71.
  • 1919: Manpower: 100.
  • 1920: Manpower: 100.
  • 1922: Manpower: 100.
  • 1923: Manpower: 85.
  • 1924: Manpower: 37.


Information supplied by Ray Lawrence and used here with his permission.


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