Near Aberavon 785899.

This mine was worked from 1917 to 1928 to the north-east of Aberavon by the Cwmduffryn Collieries Company of Port Talbot in the No.2 Rhondda seam for house coal. It was flanked by Jersey Colliery of the Briton Ferry Company to the north and by Glenhafod Colliery to the south. Ownership then passed to the Glenhafod Collieries Limited who apparently never worked the mine.

In 1920 it employed 29 men and in 1923 it employed 29 men working underground and 10 men at the surface of the mine and in 1927 it employed 85 men. The manager during this time was H.C. Harries.

In 1929 it was sold to the Glenhafod Colliery Company and in that year employed 130 men working underground and 11 men working at the surface with P. Hill as the manager. I can find no further trace of it with the Colliery Guardian of January 1929 stating that the pumping operations at this pit had been abandoned and 200 men had lost their jobs. However, it was still listed in 1933.

Some statistics:

  • 1920: Manpower: 29.
  • 1923: Manpower: 107.
  • 1924: Manpower: 83.
  • 1925: Manpower: 85.
  • 1927: Manpower: 152.
  • 1928: Manpower: 105.
  • 1929: Manpower: 200.
  • 1931: Manpower: 204.
  • 1932: Manpower: 204.
  • 1933: Manpower: 300.


Information supplied by Ray Lawrence and used here with his permission.


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