Aberbaiden, Bridgend (SS 8499 8413)

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This was an experimental drift opened by the National Coal Board in 1950 and closed on the 29th of August 1953. There was also a level of this name working in 1918 owned by the Oakland Colliery Company of Tonna which employed 58 men underground and 16 men on the surface plus another three men in the No.2 Drift. In 1919 it employed 80 men. The manager in both years was P. Williams.

In 1923 it employed 90 men and produced 30,000 tons of coal.

An Oakland Slant in this area was worked prior to Nationalisation by the Oakland Colliery Company which was not a member of the Monmouthshire and South Wales Coal Owners. The Oakland No.2 Level was owned by the Oakland Colliery Company in 1925 with the Oaklands and Tonyrhondda slants abandoning the Mountain seam in June 1928.

In this area there were 18 coal seams in 1,200 feet of vertical ground. They averaged out at a thickness of 5 feet 5 inches per seam. Based on the Nine-Feet seam they were classed as type 301B Prime Coking Coals.


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