Tondu, Bridgend (SS 9002 8418)

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This colliery was flanked to the west by Park Slip Colliery, to the east by Bryncethin Colliery, and to the south by the outcrop of the South Wales Coalfield. It was also spelt Ynysawdre, it was listed in 1878 as being owned by the Ynisawdre Coal, Coke, and Brick Company Limited. It was then managed by R. Bates.

Two shafts were sunk to the Cribbwr Fawr seam which it encountered at a depth of 623 feet 4 inches. This seam had a thickness of 60 inches.

On the 20th of October 1874, H. Williams, aged 33 years, who was a sinker, died when he fell down the shaft. On the 3rd of August 1877, William Jones, aged 37 years, and a collier, died under a roof fall. On the 22nd of July 1891, Edward Williams, aged 18 years, and a sinker, died in a shaft incident.

It abandoned the Five-Quarter seam in July 1881 and closed in 1898. Surface drivages were opened in 1915 to a new area but failed to find a workable seam and were abandoned in October 1921.

The coals of this colliery were generally classed as types 401 to 701 High Volatile Coals and were used for gas making, coke ovens and coking blends.


Tondu, Bridgend

This mine was on the same site as the later Ynysawdre. The only mention that can be found of this mine is in 1896 when it was owned by the Adare Coal and Coke Co. of Swansea and employed 101 men underground and 57 men on the surface producing house and coking coals. The manager was S. Rees.


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