Ogmore Valley (926219109)

One of the earliest mines in this area, it was owned by John Brogden and Sons when opened in 1865 to the No.2 Rhondda seam. It consisted of a drift and an upcast ventilation shaft and was linked to the neighbouring Fforchwen level. It was still owned by this company in 1869/70 and by the Llynfi, Tondu and Ogmore Coal and Iron Company in 1878.

It abandoned the No.2 Rhondda seam in June 1891. The section of that seam at this colliery was; top coal 40 inches, rashes 18 inches and bottom coal 10 inches.

The Llynfi, Tondu and Ogmore Coal and Iron Company was formed in 1872 with a capital of £500,000 to replace the old Llynvi Iron and Coal Company, which ran the Maesteg Iron Works, and other acquisitions. Alexander Brogden was the Chairman, with his brother Henry, the Managing Director.

The depression in trade of that lime, coupled with the new steel-making process used at other plants forced this Company into receivership in 1880. A new company failed to make a go of the Works and in 1888 a group of businessmen under the leadership of Colonel North bought the company for £350,000. The new company became North’s Navigation Collieries (1899) Limited.

Some of those that died at this mine:

  • 2/1/1874, J. Evans, aged 19, haulier, run over by trams.
  • 26/6/1878, J. Jenkins, aged 40, collier, roof fall.
  • 5/12/1879, John Jenkins, aged 17, collier, roof fall.
  • 9/1/1884, Samuel Edge, aged 12, door boy, run over by trams.
  • 5/3/1884, David Jones, aged 45, collier, roof fall.
  • 14/10/1884, William Chant, aged 21, collier, roof fall.
  • 10/2/1885, George Jones, aged 61, collier, roof fall.


Information supplied by Ray Lawrence and used here with his permission.

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