Blaina, Ebbw Fach Valley (SO 1972 0900)

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This pit was sunk in c1860, with each new owner appearing to have changed its name. It was known as Rising Sun when owned by the Nantyglo and Blaina Company Limited. In 1877 Morgan and Williams were the owners and the manager was J. Partick and it was then known as Sun Pit. In 1879 the Stone

Brothers were calling it Sun Pit, Old and New, after that J.W. Stone called it New Sun Pit, and then North Blaina. Locally it Was known as Stones Pit. On closure, it was owned by John Lancaster.

In 1888 it worked the Elled, Big, New and Three-quarter seams and was managed by W. Griffiths, and in 1896 employed 395 men underground and 93 men on the surface with the same manager. The New seam had stopped being worked by that time. In 1900 it employed 402 men working underground and 101 men at the surface. In 1908 it was still managed by W. Griffiths and employed 598 men underground and 125 men on the surface. In 1913 it employed 501 men producing coking, manufacturing and steam coals, while the North Blaina Slope employed 121 men. In 1916 the pit employed 496 men and the slope employed 207 men while in 1919 the pit employed 566 men and the slope 184 men. In 1918 the pit employed 612 men and the Slope employed 187 men, both were managed by Thomas Williams in the 1916/1919 period. In 1923 it employed 610 men.

This colliery was closed in c1923.

Some of those that died in this colliery:

  • 31/03/1882, James Morgan, Age: 57: Collier: A piece of coal he was drawing down fell, and knocked out a prop, which caused the roof to fall upon him.
  • 15/06/1882, Thomas Hatton, Age: 42, Collier: After pulling down some coal the top began to work and, whilst hesitating which way to run for safety, the top fell upon him.
  • 15/08/1887, Thomas Morgan, Age: 47: Fitter: Crushed by descending cage at the pit, while engaged at the pump door. It resulted in a confusion of signals and there not being a proper division or fence between the pumping and winding parts of the shaft.
  • 29/03/1892, George Dowzell, Age: 49: Collier: While preparing a place to set a prop under a bad piece of the roof it fell upon him.
  • 14/03/1894, Frank Marshall, Age: 29: Collier: Fall of roof coal (3′ x 2′ x 1′ 10″) near the face of his working place. He was endeavouring to get it down and having failed with a pinch bar he went under it to get a wedge and as he was returning the fall occurred and killed him.
  • 19/10/1895, Thomas Gore, Age: 20: Loco cleaner: While engaged shunting on branch railway for some unknown reason he got between the buffers of two wagons and in doing so received injuries which resulted fatally. In consequence of the absence of the regular shunter he was working overtime.
  • 30/01/1911 James Davies, Age: 23: Collier: Fall of the roof at the working face.
  • 14/10/1911, James Hodges, Age: 54: Oiler: Lifting tram – ruptured. Died 24th.
  • 20/01/1913, James Green, Age: 22: Collier: Fall of the roof at the working face.
  • 2/03/1915, Thomas Silman, Age: 45, Fireman: Suffocated by firedamp.


This information has been provided by Ray Lawrence, from books he has written, which contain much more information, including many photographs, maps and plans. Please contact him at for availability.


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