Nantyglo, Ebbw Fach Valley

This was an ironstone pit that was working pre-1857 in the Red Vein at a depth of 220 yards. The shaft was elliptical in shape 16ft 9 inches by 10ft 3 inches and was 190 yards deep to the Old Coal level.

The colliery was owned by the Nantyglo and Blaina Company between 1874 and 1878 when they went bust. It was then owned by John Lancaster and Company and merged into Beynons Colliery in 1922. It was managed by J. Williams in 1878.

Some of those that have died in this colliery:

  • 03/02/1877, James Gardener, Age: 40, Occupation: Mason. Fell off scaffold down the shaft.
  • 22/05/1876, William Jones, Age: 40, Occupation: Collier. Fall of coal.
  • 03/10/1877, James Williams, Age: 66, Occupation: Collier. Fall of coal.


This information has been provided by Ray Lawrence, from books he has written, which contain much more information, including many photographs, maps and plans. Please contact him at for availability.

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