Nantyglo, Ebbw Fach Valley

This series of mines were opened by Bailey’s c1837, owned by Bailey and Company in 1855, then J. and C. Bailey up until at least 1871. In 1872 they were owned by the Nantyglo Company, in 1874 by the Nantyglo and Blaina Company, and in the 1890s by the Coalbrookvale Company.

The North Pit was 168 yards deep and encountered the Big Vein at 37 yards, the Three-Quarter seam at 45 yards, the Meadow Vein seam at 132 yards and the Old Coal seam at 164 yards. The Balance Pit was 164 yards deep and the South Pit 47 yards deep. They were filled in 1964.

Please also see the listings on Coalbrookvale and Beynon Colliery.

Some of those that died at these mines:

  • 7/12/1837 John Parkes, Age: 46, David Parkes, Age: 18, John Parkes, Age: 16, Morgan Lewis, Age: 31, James Legg, Age: 13, Thomas Jones, Age: 20, Margaret Davies Age: 18, Griffith Davies Age: 23, Explosion of gas. 7 killed.
  • 19/02/1853 John Thomas, Age: 37: Collier: Burnt by an explosion of firedamp.
  • 26/12/1854 John Weathern, Age: 26: Labourer: Fall of rubbish.
  • 22/02/1855 James Steadman: Collier: Fall of stone.
  • 9/11/1855 James Lewis, Age: 13: Haulier: Crushed between trams.
  • 22/06/1855 Robert Williams: Collier: Fall of stone
  • 11/02/1864 Lloyd Hopkins, Age: 12: Collier: Fall of coal in a stall where he was working
  • 23/02/1864, Peter Adams, Age: 20: Collier: Killed by an explosion of firedamp in the Yard Seam.
  • 16/01/1865, John Barclay, Age: 63: Collier: Fall of coal.
  • 16/01/1865, John Barclay, Age: 63: Collier: Fall of coal.
  • 20/06/1866, Anne Davis Age: 27: Killed by a sudden fall of ground. Female.
  • 17/03/1869 William Lewis, Age: 35: Collier, John Leek, Age: 28: Collier: Explosion of gas
  • 28/09/1869 James Clark, Age: 22: Collier: Fall of the roof over yard coal.
  • 19/04/1871, George Palmer. Age: 24: Miner: Fall of stone.
  • 17/08/1872 Elias Jones, Age: 27: Miner: shotfiring.
  • 2/10/1872 John Watkins, Age: 58: Collier: Fall of coal.
  • 31/10/1872, Thomas Williams Age: 55: haulier, Explosion 31st. Died 13 November.
  • 04/11/1872 Elijah Boycott, Age: 60: Miner: Fall of the roof.
  • 26/11/1872 Thomas Ashman, Age: 38: Miner: Fall of the roof.
  • 27/11/1872, Thomas Davis Age: 55: Collier: Fall of the roof.
  • 29/07/1873, Edward Davies, Age: 35: Collier: Fall of coal.
  • 8/05/1874, William Cole, Age: 23: Collier: Fall of rubbish and timber.
  • 2/12/1874 John Prothero, Age: 70: Contractor: Fall of the roof.
  • 14/09/1875, A. Hall, Age: 27: Mason: Fell from bowk while ascending the shaft.
  • 22/05/1876, William Jones, Age: 40: Collier: Fall of coal.
  • 10/08/1898, Evan Jones, Age: 51: Pumpsman: He fell down the shaft from the second landing where he had gone no do some repairs to the pumps. The engineman wanting to remove the cage and receiving no signal from him caused a search to be made which resulted in his body being found at the bottom. He probably fell while stepping from the cage to the landing.


Information supplied by Ray Lawrence and used here with his permission.

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