North Selby Mine 1985 Copyright © RH Bird

North Selby Mine 1985
Copyright © RH Bird

Planning permission was granted for two 7.315 metre (24 feet) diameter shafts to be sunk at North Selby Mine in 1977, and Cementation Mining Ltd began sinking in 1978. In order to get them through the water-logged Bunter Sandstone and into the Upper Permian Marl, the shaft were frozen from the surface to a depth of around 280 metres. It took until 1986 to complete the shafts to a depth of 1043 metres with an inset to the Barnsley seam at 991 metres. Mining began in January 1991.

Because of its depth, North Selby was prone to extreme floor heave in the roadways serving faces etc. This and other geological problems led to the mine being closed and its take merged with Stillingfleet Mine in July 1997.

Known output
1992 1,253,000 tonnes
1995 1,684,000
1996 1,537,000
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