At ‘Coal Hill’, on Skelding Moor, a small outlier of coal associated with the Laverton Sandstone has been worked from at least six shafts.

In April 1614 Sir Marmaduke Wyvill authorised Robert Durham and Leonard Horseman to seek for coal at Dallowgill. This was followed, in February 1622, by permission for Leonard Smickersgill to sink a coal pit on Carlesmoor and Dallowgill. This lasted for five years and required him to use the income from getting coal “to search and find out a deeper & thicker seam and to get a more vendible cole then the uppercole or Crow Cole therefore lately there gotten & sold to the smithies and lime burners”.

Gill, M.C. “Great Dales Coalfield, Eastern Areas” British Mining No.86 (2008), pp.68-108

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