Blagill Mill at Langley – NY83208260

Messrs Jobling and Company, who worked Blagill and Lough Veins on Alston Moor, sought the Greenwich Hospital’s permission to build a smelt mill and refinery near the latter’s Langley smelt mill. This was agreed to and a 21 year lease issued in 1785.

William Jobling renewed the lease at a rent of £140 per annum in 1806. He also asked that the Hospital build a set of horizontal chimneys for his use, offering to pay 8% of the estimated £700 cost as additional rent. A plan of the mill at this time shows that it had a roasting furnace, three ore-hearths, a slag-hearth, a refining furnace and a reducing furnace, using five pairs of bellows worked from a single waterwheel of 25 feet diameter and about 2 feet 6 ins width. The plan also shows that there were already some horizontal chimneys. Presumably the intention was to increase the length of the chimneys.

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