Boltshope Mill – NY95144747

Little remains of this mill, the site of which is now a dwelling, but a short section of wall incorporated as the boundary of the yard, adjacent to the stream, has a number of narrow vertical openings. These suggest that it was a part of a peat-house.

The Ord family built Boltshope mill around 1700 to smelt ore from their Hunstanworth mines. It was also called Ramshaw or Jamieson’s mill. Colonel Liddell’s company smelted their Ramshaw ore there in the early 1740s, and then sent the lead to their Team Refinery. The London Lead Company began leasing the mill in August 1748 and did so until 1788, when it does not appear of have renewed.

Though it never had a horizontal flue, the mill appears to have worked until August 1872, when the Derwent Mines Co. Ltd surrendered its lease.

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