Dukesfield Mill – NY94135796


Remains of Dukesfield Smelt Mill
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The Blacketts built Dukesfield Mill in the early 18th century, when it could smelt about 800 tons of ore per year. Its capacity was increased to 1200 tons of ore per year in 1750. Until 1770, when a refining furnace was built at Dukesfield, the silver-lead was sent to the Blaydon Refinery for refining.

In 1821 the mill had two roasting furnaces, five ore hearths, two slag hearths, two refining furnaces and a reducing furnace. The short flue was carried over the stream on massive, brick lined, masonry arches, which still survive. The mill was dismantled around 1834.

The Dukesfield Smelters and Carriers Project gained lottery funding for 2013 and 14 in order to excavate, consolidate and record this site.

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