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By 1759, the old mill was in ruins, and three other mills had been built nearby to accommodate the growing output of the Arkengarthdale mines. Nothing else is known of them. Later research by Tyson in 1993 showed that there were two ‘Clints mills’ not three, called Bathurst’s and Willance’s, and one a short distance away called Phillip’s (refered to previously as Conyer’s).

The estates passed to Charles Bathurst, and when he died without issue in 1740, they were split between his three married sisters, Mary Sleigh, Jane Turner and Francis Forster. In order to clear some debts, however, the manor of Clints was sold to Thomas Duncombe in 1754, but it was bought back by Charles Turner in 1761. He, in turn, sold it to John Viscount Dawn in 1767. The smelt mills appear to have closed around then.

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