Easby – NZ 196003

This, the least known mill in Swaledale, is shown on Jeffry’s map of Yorkshire. The mill, near Brocken Brea Farm, is now the headquarters of the Brompton Caravan Park. There are no mines in Easby, however, and more research is needed to determine any links between local landowners and the mines. For example, Thomas Smith, who purchased the Lordship of the manor of Healaugh etc. from the Duke of Wharton’s trustees in 1738; and Ralph Lodge, who leased the Glebe mines at Middleton Tyas in 1775, both came from Easby.

Research by Richard Lamb, using the Easby Church Parish Registers, has shown various families living at the mill between 1741 and 1804. This suggests that the mill either had accommodation or it had closed by 1741.

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