Ellerton – SE 069976

Little can be added to the history of this mill which, as Dr Raistrick pointed out, was working by 1683, when it had an ore-hearth and a slag-hearth. It is also shown on a plan of the Grinton lead mines made in 1768.

It remains to be proved when the mill closed but, contrary to Dr Raistrick’s suggestion, it is highly unlikely that it worked into the time of the Ellerton Moor Mining Company (1874-1881). The mill is not shown on maps dating from the 1820’s, and it is more likely, therefore, that it closed in the later eighteenth or very early nineteenth century. After the closure of Scott’s mill, it appears that some ore from the Ellerton mines may have been smelted at Keld Heads mill (see Marrick Low mill).

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