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Grinton How Mill c1965 – Copyright © NMRS Records

The history of this mill has been confused by its claimed association with the London Lead Company. A recent paper, however, argued convincingly that the latter company was never involved with the Grinton mines. As noted above, the first mill was probably built by Reginald Marriott, a little after 1727.

How Mill was used by subsequent lessees until 1820 when, for two years, beginning in 1820, all the ore from the Grinton How mines was smelted at neighbouring mills whilst it was modernised.81 Such a long break in smelting suggests that the old mill was demolished and completely rebuilt. It is also likely that a flue was added then. By 1854, the flue had reached its full length of 300 metres, and ended at a chimney on Sharrow Hill.

There are the usual range of dates for the closure of this mill. Clough suggests about 1886, and Dr Raistrick wrote that the Grinton Moor Company worked the mines and the mill until 1893. The latter company gave up in 1872, however, but one of its successors, the Grinton Mining and Smelting Company Ltd (1888-95) repaired the flue, and put in new hearths and a roasting furnace in 1890. This company gave up working the mines in 1893, thereby supporting Dr Raistrick’s date.

The manor of Grinton had another three mills in Grovebeck Gill, which served the mines on Grovebeck and Harkerside, and one at Summer Lodge. The oldest of them was Grovebeck mill.

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