Lumb Clough Mill 1973 - Copyright © NMRS Records

Lumb Clough Mill 1973 – Copyright © NMRS Records

Sutton in Craven – SE 008429

This was a single ore-hearth mill, which served mines on Glusburn Moor. The mill was excavated by members of the Northern Cavern & Mine Research Society in 1973, and reports were published in British Mining.

Historical data for this mill is scant, but its excavators placed its building after 1666 and most probably between 1728 and 1746.

The mill was built against the embankment of a small reservoir. This supplied water to the wheel which drove the bellows.

Two keeper stones, for the ore-hearth, can still be seen, as can the wheel pit. A stone-lined chop kiln, for making chop-wood, is built into a nearby banking.

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