Malham – SD 912633 

In the late 1670s, lead ore from Dewbottom, on Malham Moor, was smelted at John Lambert’s smelt mill. Lambert was the mineral lord for Malham and, because neither of the other mills in the immediate area, at Kettlewell and Grassington, belonged to him, it is likely that his mill was also in Malham. This is confirmed by Hurtley who, in 1786, noted a ruined smelt mill and that copper smelters, working for the Lambert family, had lived in Janet’s Cave. This must also have been in the 17th century because the Lamberts disposed of their estates in 1699.

Dr Raistrick proposed two possible sites for the mill. The first, and most likely site, is downstream from Janet’s Cave, in Wedber Wood where he noted traces of masonry. The second was the site of the 19th century lead mill, on Dean Moor.

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