Marrick – SE 079994

By 1660, a second mill, the High mill, had been built, probably by Thomas Swinburne the new mineral lord, and Sayer’s mill, now called the Low mill, was smelting slags recovered from abandoned bales.

Horse loads of slags (= 2cwts) from to
old smeltings Low mill
Fremington Edge Low mill
Skelton Moor Low mill

One of the mills must have closed by 1705, however, as an agreement settling a dispute between Lord Powlett and John Hutton, over the boundary between Marrick and Marske, only refers to one mill. The latter was probably the High mill, which was newest and is shown on Thomas Jackson’s map of the Marrick Estate, made in 1782. A small building on the site of the Low mill is not named. Nevertheless, Thomas Jeffrey’s map of Yorkshire, surveyed between 1767 and 1770 refers to the mills in plural.

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