Allendale, Tynedale and Derwent Lead Mines

British Mining No 65 –¬†Allendale, Tynedale and Derwent Lead Mines

By R.A. Fairbairn

In this, his third monograph on the North Pennine lead fields, the author has covered the development of lead and fluorspar mining in Tynedale and its tributaries. It is split into three geographical sections, each of which has a brief history of its ownership and the companies who worked the mines, followed by a gazetteer of mines.

Illustrated with 28 plates and 19 figures, the monograph also covers smelting and has a useful index of personal names, as well as three appendices giving an alphabetical list of levels and shafts and their locations.

A5 135pp, 19 figs, 28 plates
ISBN 0 901450 52 9
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Look Inside to see some sample pages including the table of contents and index of personal names.