Cape Cornwall Mine

British Mining No 79 – Cape Cornwall Mine

by Peter Joseph

Cape Cornwall tin mine occupied a romantic position, near to St Just, surrounded on nearly all sides by sea. The mine opened three times between 1836 and 1886 and was remarkable, not so much for its wealth of mineral resources but for the ‘puffing’ by the mine’s promoters. The mine captain, John Carthew was eventually dismissed because even the directors had no faith in his optimistic reports which bore little relationship with reality.

The monograph tells a story of mining as it applied to many operations in Cornwall, i.e., the difficulties of marginal economics, corporate bluster and their impact on the lives of the miners.

The monograph has been compiled from a host of sources but interestingly these have been correlated with a succession of paintings and picture postcard illustrations of this photogenic location, enabling the author to show the progressive development of the mine site.

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