Memoirs 2000

British Mining No 67 – Memoirs 2000

  • Smelt mills of the Yorkshire Dales – Surrender Smelt Mill Flue and the Wilson & French Condenser (R Smith & R Lamb)
  • Leighs Wood Colliery, Aldridge, 1874-1882 (NA Chapman)
  • In Minute Detail: The development of the coal mines of the Cannock & Rugeley Colliery Company (J Goodchild)
  • Recreating Mining Landscapes (MC Gill)
  • Gold Mining in Scotland in the late 16th Century and early 17th Century (TK Meikle)
  • A Water Collection System in Buckden Gavel Lead Mine (M Roe)
  • Steam and Water Pressure Engines on Yorkshire Dales Mines (MC Gill)
  • The Archæology of Thieveley Lead Mine (M Roe)
  • Yorkshire Smelting Mills, Part 3: Corrigenda (MC Gill)

A5 119pp, 13 photo’s, 23 figs
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