The Mines of Yorkshire (Metalliferous and associated minerals)

British Mining No 72 – The Mines of Yorkshire (Metalliferous and associated minerals)

By M.C. Gill & R. Burt

This major research tool by the leading expert on Yorkshire mines and Britain’s only professor of mining history is the result of over 20 years work on a wide range of sources and nothing similar is available for any other part of Britain.

The original Yorkshire Mineral Statistics, covering the period 1845-1913, was published in 1982 and was based on national information published annually by the government. This new volume has greatly enhanced that material by including more recent government statistics, together with earlier data from mining and smelting accounts which has vastly extended the period covered.

With the mines arranged alphabetically, this volume will be indispensable for anyone wishing to know more about Yorkshire’s metalliferous mines, while the personal index will be of great value both to mining historians and genealogists.

A5 416pp, 2 figs, 4 maps, 15 tables
ISBN 0 901450 56 1
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Look Inside to see some sample pages including the table of contents and index of personal names.