The Gallantry Bank Copper Mine

British Mining No 16 – The Gallantry Bank Copper Mine

by C. J. Carlon

This volume, which also contains a review of mining in the Triassic rocks of the Shropshire-Cheshire basin, details mining at a small mine on the southern flank of the Peckforton Hills, which was intermittently worked for 200 years.

The account of the mine, the orebody and these half forgotten workings has been drawn from scanty records of various adventurers who were convinced of a great hidden wealth of Copper.

The printed version of this book is now OUT OF PRINT. However it is now available as a PDF to download from this site, for use on computers and tablets. We do have a number of second hand ones available. These will be clean inside, but might have some fading on the spine.

A4 50pp, 11 photo’s, 9 figs
ISBN 0 901450 19 7

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