The Grassington Mines by M.C. Gill

British Mining No 46 – The Grassington Mines

by M.C. Gill

This monograph follows the development of the Grassington Mines from the relatively small workings under the Customary Mining Law of the 17th and 18th centuries, through the demise of the laws and the introduction and failure of leases, to the larger, highly capitalised and mechanised mines of the 19th century.

These were all touched on in BM 13 but, as part of a major reappraisal, the author has returned to all the documentary sources and also has had extended access to the vast records in the Duke of Devonshire’s archives at Chatsworth and Bolton Abbey. This work produced much new material on many aspects of the mines and a very detailed history has emerged. As a result, therefore, readers familiar with earlier papers and books will find new interpretations and some contradictions in this monograph.

The monograph also looks at the history and techniques of smelting at the Grassington mills and at 20th century attempts to work the mines and their dumps. It is well illustrated with detailed plans and sections, photographs and tables. There are two appendixes giving the mining laws, and also a detailed list of sources.

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A5 160pp, 16 photo’s, 23 tables, 25 figs
ISBN 0 901450 39 1

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