Latest copy of British Mining published

British Mining No 116 – Memoirs 2023

Papers in Memoirs 2023 are:

  • Tunnelling for the Tournaisian – Phillip J. Murphy
  • Pont Ceunant Electricity Generating Station – Nigel A. Chapman
  • Mechanisation in Area 7 of the East Midlands Coalfield – 1958, Ralph A. Tebbut
  • Excavation of Fron Goch Lead Mine, Devil’s Bridge, Mid Wales – Nigel A. Chapman
  • Thomas Dodd (ca 1751-1816): the art, craft and science of the mine agent – Michael Powell
  • Safe pits, twelve foot coal seams and easy coal? – the Nottinghamshire Coalfield in the early 1980s – David Amos
  • The underground camera – R.M. Callender

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