Blaenhirwaun Colliery Cross Hands, 1955
Methane explosion caused by a sudden issue of gas from the roof of the main gate. Ignition was caused “by sparks produced by friction between the trailing edges of the fan blades and pieces of stone which had been projected by the ripping shots into the outlet ducting and were now fouling the path of the blades.”  6 died & 11 injured.

Cynheidre-Pentremawr Colliery, Llanelli, 1971
Outburst of Methane caused asphyxiation, no fire. 7 died, 35 injured.

Genwen Colliery, Llanelli, 1907
Methane Explosion. 8 died.

Glynea Colliery, Glynea, 1913
Methane explosion caused by shotfiring. 7 died.

Gwendreth Colliery, Pontyberem, 1852
Inrush of water from old flooded workings. 27 died.

Mynydd Newydd Colliery, Swansea, 1845 & 1869
Explosion, 4 boys died

Old Castle Colliery, Llanelli, 1862
Inrush of water from old flooded workings. 6 died.

Trimsharan Colliery, Pembrey, 1923
Manrider Accident. 10 died & 2 injured.

Waunhir Trimsharan Colliery, Kidwelly, 1907
Men killed by runaway tubs. 6 died.

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