Anchinraith Colliery, Blantyre, 1930
Methane explosion caused by shotfiring. 6 died & 8 injured.

Auchengeich Colliery, Chryston, 1959
Underground fire caused by an electric fan. 47 died.

Bardykes Colliery, Lanark, 1936
Roof Fall, 5 died.

Barrwood Colliery, Kylsyth, 1889
Methane explosion due to a sudden release of gas into an area where naked lights were used. 5 died.

Blantyre Colliery, High Blantyre, 1877
Massive methane explosion. 209 died.

Blantyre Colliery, Blantyre, 1878
Overwinding accident. 6 died.

Blantyre Colliery, Blantyre, 1879
Methane explosion. 28 died

Bogle Hole Pit, Glasgow, 1846
Explosion. 6 died.

Bothwell Castle Colliery, Bothwell, 1889
Shaft Accident. 5 died.

Cadder Colliery, Glasgow, 1913
Underground fire. 22 died.

Cardowan Colliery, Stepps, 1932
Methane explosion cause by shotfiring. 11 died & 3 injured.

Dykehead Colliery, Hamilton, 1861
Woodwork underground caught fire and the ventilation was deranged. 13 died.

Hattonrigg Colliery, Lanarkshire, 1910
Shaft Accident, 7 died.

Hunters Hill Sandstone Quarry, Lanark, 1910
Massive fall of rock, 5 died.

Leadhills Lead Mine, Leadhills, 1817
Suffocation by smoke from an underground engine. 7 died.

Neilsland Colliery, Lanarkshire, 1916
Inrush of water & mud. 4 died.

Quarter Colliery, Hamilton, 1841
Methane explosion thought to be caused by a sudden outburst of gas.  11 died.

Stanrigg & Arbuckle Colliery, Airdrie, 1918
Inrush of moss. 19 died.

Udston Colliery, Hamilton, 1887
Methane explosion. 73 died.

Wishaw Colliery, Wishaw, 1849
Explosion. 9 died,

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