Gallow Flat Colliery, Elswick, 1658
Inrush of water from old workings killed a number of persons.

Gateshead Colliery Gateshead, 1705
Explosion – “Blown up in the pit”. 31 died.

Montagu Colliery, Scotswood, 1925
Inrush of water from old workings. 35 died.

Paradise Colliery, Benwell, 1795
Accident, 11 died.

Slattyford Colliery, Slattyford, 1795
Inrush of water from old workings. 6 drowned.

Walker Colliery, Gateshead, 1765
Explosion. 8 died.

Walker Colliery, Gateshead, 1766
Explosion, 10 died.

Wallsend Colliery, Gateshead, 1767

Wallsend Colliery, Gateshead, Aug 1786
Explosion. 1 man and 5 boys died.

Wallsend Colliery, Gateshead, Nov 1786
Explosion, 6 men died

Wallsend Colliery, Gateshead, 1790
Explosion, 7 died.

Weetslade Colliery, Northumberland, 1951
Explosion. 5 died.

Woodhorn Colliery, Ashington, 1916
Methane gas explosion ignited by a naked light. 12 died.

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