Dufton Old Mill – NY68562533

This mill stood near the confluence of Swindale and Eller becks, and is shown on Jeffry’s 1770 map of Westmorland. Nevertheless, it’s exact location has not been determined. This mill was working by 1691, when the Winder family of Lorton were lords of the manor, and worked until the new mill was built around 1795. The last of the Winders died in 1766 and Dufton was sold to Edward Millward. He, in turn, sold it to the Earl of Thanet in 1785.

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Dufton New Mill – NY68802355

Around 1795 the Earl of Thanet built this mill, in Rheabower Wood, to the south of Dufton, to replace the old mill. In the early 1820s the mill had four ore-hearths and, along with the mines, were leased to the London Lead Company, and it.

The mill was held by the same company in 1871, but it had probably closed by 1873 because thereafter the mines were either standing or producing very little lead ore.

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