The Richest in all Wales

British Mining No 22 – “The Richest in all Wales”

by M. Palmer

Subtitled the Welsh Potosi or Esgair Hir and Esgair Fraith Lead and Copper Mines of Cardiganshire, the monograph considers the important historical background of the Esgair Hir and Esgair Fraith Mines which were initially very productive, but in the 19th Century became the scene of the lowest type of fraud and speculation, causing numerous companies to sink into obscurity.

Recent excavation work at the site is recorded in this monograph which has revealed many interesting and enigmatic features.

The printed version of this book is now OUT OF PRINT, however it is now available as a PDF to download from this site, for use on computers and tablets. We do have a number of second hand ones available. These will be clean inside, but might have some fading on the spine.

A4 47pp, 24 plate’s, 13 figs
ISBN 0 901450 24 3

Look Inside to see some sample pages including the table of contents and index of mines.


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