Frongoch Lead and Zinc Mine

British Mining No 30 – Frongoch Lead and Zinc Mine

By D.E. Bick

Frongoch was the largest of Cardiganshire’s lead mines.

This monograph tells the story of its development in the early 19th century and the eventual rise under John Taylor & Sons to a pre-eminent position as a part of the Lisburne group of mines. When the Taylors pulled out in the late 1870s, in the face of falling lead prices, the mine was able to survive for another 20 years by working the huge reserves of zinc blende which had been left untouched by the Taylors.

1996 Reprint with additions by the Royal Commission of the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Wales. However we do have a number of second hand copies of the original A4 edition available. These will be clean inside, but might have some fading on the spine.

A5 89pp, 22 figs, 19 plates

ISBN 0 901450 47 2
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The original volume was published at A4 size and is now out of print, although some second hand copies are available.