The information in this index was collated by the late David Dixon as part of a prosopographical study of the careers of graduates from the Camborne School of Mines.  This was for Doctoral thesis from the University of Southampton – Dixon, D.  ‘The results and consequences of technical education: an historical case study of metalliferous mining education prior to 1939 with special reference to the Camborne School of Mines and the Royal School of Mines’.

Thanks are due to Dr Roger Burt for recovering the data from a 5¼ inch floppy disk and allowing it to be used on the NMRS website.

The index is large and is divided up into surnames as below:

Abbot – Avery Eastaugh – Everett Illius – Ivey Maasdorp – Murray Quihampon Upcott
Bagge – Butt Farguhar – Fyfe Jackson – Judge Nelson – Nuthall Rabling – Rust Valerino – Vivian
Caddy – Cunnack Gardenner – Grosvenor Kateley – Knuckley O’Beirne – Oxland Sanderson – Symonds Wackrill – Wylie
Dabb – Dudgeon Hadra – Hymers Lachtszyrma – Lynn-Smart Packard – Pulman Tarbutt – Tyler Yeo – Young

Please also see Obituaries of members of the Institution of Mining and Metallurgy 1892-1968

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