Andrew Angwin died at Pendeen, Cornwall, on August 11th, 1919, at the age of 64 years.

His youth until the age of 24 was spent in practical mining and as a student at Cornish evening mining schools, and this was followed from 1879 onward by three and a half years of mining and prospecting in Colorado.

For six years from 1883, he was engaged as underground manager at the North Levant Tin and Copper Mine at Pendeen, in Cornwall, and found time also to act as teacher at evening mining schools in the same place. Then followed, from 1889 to 1898, nine continuous years of service in the Transvaal, where he went under agreement with Messrs. Wernher, Beit & Co., and was successively assistant to Mr. J. Harry Johns at the Ferreira Mine, manager of the Transvaal Silver Mine and general manager of the East Rand Proprietary Mines.

During 1899 and two following years Mr. Angwin was superintendent of gold mining operations carried out in Southern Rhodesia for the De Beers Co. The years 1904 and 1905 were spent as manager of the Mitchell’s Creek Gold Mine in New South Wales. The six years following the date last named were spent in association with Mr. R.J. Frecheville, sometimes acting as his assistant and otherwise examining and reporting on mining propositions in South America, the United States, Southern Russia and Canada.

A trip to Burma followed, to examine a tungsten proposition for the Burma Ruby Co., and since then other mine examinations in various parts of the world.

Mr. Angwin was elected a Member of the Institution in 1913.

Vol. 29, Trans IMM 1919-20, p. 417

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