Edgar Clarence Agabeg died of heart failure at Asansol, Bengal, on June 8th, 1936, at the age of 74.

After six years’ work in an engineering department in India, he joined, in 1882, the Alipore Coal Co., Ltd., as general assistant on their property in the Raniganj coal-field of Bengal. In 1886 he was made assistant manager of the company, and in 1889 became general manager and attorney for the Burrakur Coal Co., Ltd., which had then amalgamated with the Alipore Company. He later was appointed by Messrs; Bird & Co. as superintendent of mines for the Raniganj coal-field, in which position he continued until his retirement in 1911.

He did much work in connection with public affairs in the Burdwan District of Bengal, and especially the municipal affairs of the township of Asansol, which benefited greatly from his generosity.

Mr. Agabeg was elected a Member of the Institution in 1892, the year of its foundation.

Vol. 46, Trans IMM 1936-7, p.817

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