Frederick Allen Ashe died in Northern Rhodesia early in 1931, at the age of 48.

His professional record did not begin until he reached the age of 26, after 13 years spent at sea during which he rose from cadet to the possession of an extra master’s certificate. He occupied his spare time on shipboard in studying various branches of science which were of use to him in his subsequent career.

In 1909, he gave up the sea and went to South Africa, where he was engaged at the Crown Mines in various capacities until the outbreak of the Great War. For a year he was on active service with the forces in West Africa, then for a brief space back at the Crown Mines, then navigating officer of Admiralty transports, then recalled to the Rand, and in February, 1917, commissioned for active service as lieutenant in the Royal Naval Reserve.

On the conclusion of the War he returned to the Rand, and he remained in South and South-West Africa until 1930, when he took up an appointment with the Rhodesian Congo Border Concession, in whose service he was at the date of his death.

Mr. Ashe was elected an Associate of the Institution in 1918.

Vol. 41, Trans IMM 1931-32, p. 653

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