John Nicholas Fraser Armstrong was killed in action and his name appeared in the General Headquarters Casualty List, which was published in the press on July 18th, 1916. He was 38 years of age, and was a Major in the Royal Engineers.

He was educated at the University of Sydney, and took the degree of B. Eng., in Mining and Metallurgy, in 1904. A few months after graduating he went to Broken Hill, and for four and a half years worked as shift foreman and assistant underground manager at the Broken Hill Proprietary Mine. He was chief staff officer, in 1909, and acting general manager, in 1910, to the Broken Hill Proprietary Block 10 Silver Mining Co.; while in 1911, he filled the position of general manager to the Great Cobar, Ltd., for the space of six months.

Mr. Armstrong left Australia in 1912, to take up an appointment as mining engineer to De Beers Consolidated Mines, Ltd., Kimberley, Cape Colony, and he remained there until he responded to the Empire’s call for men by joining the Royal Engineers.

Mr. Armstrong was admitted to Studentship of the Institution in 1904, and transferred to Associateship in 1914.

Vol. 26, Trans IMM 1916-17, p. 259

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