Leonard George Attenborough died at Farnborough, Hants, on January 11th, 1931, Hunts, on January 11th, 1931, at the age of 58.

He became a student of the Royal College of Science and the Royal School of Mines in 1891, and graduated as A.R.S.M. in 1895. For about three years he acted as assistant to Mr. H.L. Sulman and in 1898 was appointed chemist to the Veraguas Mining Co. Ltd., in the Republic of Columbia.

In 1899 he went the East as chemist in the cyanide works at Bidi Sarawak, of the Borneo Company, later becoming manager of the plant. Subsequently he went to the Federated Malay States, to take over the management of the Bruseh Hydraulic and Jalapang properties. In 1914, he was appointed manager of Ipoh Tin Dredging Ltd and occupied a similar position in regard to the subsidiary companies. He retired in 1929, at which time he represented Malaya as an Overseas Member of Council of the Institution.

He contributed a paper on ‘Tin Mining in Malaya’ to the proceedings of the First Empire Mining and Metallurgical Congress, held in London in June, 1924, which was afterwards reprinted in the Transactions of the Institution (Vol. xxxiv, 2) with the very full discussion which it provoked.

Mr. Attenborough was admitted to studentship of the Institution in 1896, and was transferred to membership in 1904.

Vol. 41, Trans IMM 1931-32, p. 653

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