Robert Hay Anderson died at his residence at Tacubaya, Mexico City, on December 22nd, 1919, aged 48 years.

He was born in Edinburgh on June 9th, 1871, and at the age of two months was taken to India. At the age of five years he was sent home for education, which he received first at Dollar, Clackmannanshire, N.B., next at Dulwich College, later at St. Paul’s School, where he distinguished himself on the science side, and finally at Cambridge University.

In 1891 he went to Mexico to the United Mexican Mining Co., Ltd., at Guanajuato, under the late Mr. Albert Grothe, by whom also, two years later, he was appointed manager of the Jay Hawk & Lone Pine Consolidated Mining Company of Idaho. In 1895 he opened an office in Mexico City as a consulting engineer, and was retained by the Senores Bermajillo in connection with the mines of Candelaria y Anexas and La Gloria, Batopilas, Chihuahua. Later he was engaged on special consulting work for the Compafiia Minerales y Metales (Peñoles Co.), and he also made the examination of the lnguaran Mines which resulted in a sale to French interests. He acquired controlling interests in the Truchas iron mines, Guerrero, and was general manager of the Reforma Mines of El Oro and managing director of the San Rafael y Anexas Mining Co. of Pachuca until his death, which took place after some months’ absence from his professional duties owing to failing health.

Mr. Anderson was elected a Member of the Institution in 1905.

Vol. 30, Trans IMM 1920-21, p.468

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