Russel Beresford Ash died in Western Australia on April 17th, 1940, at the age of 47.

He entered the Royal School of Mines in October, 1911, but did not graduate with the first class A.R.S.M. until August, 1919, owing to the incidence of the Great War.

He served with H.M. Forces, mainly the Royal Engineers, from September, 1914, to January, 1919, his work being chiefly concerned with gas services, offensive and defensive, including the improvement of methods for the protection of dug-outs and tunnels from lethal gases. He also acted as assistant chemical adviser, Army H.Q., and chemical adviser, Corps .H.Q.

After demobilization and completing his course at the Royal School of Mines, he obtained the position of underground manager to the Allihies Copper Mines, Ltd., County Cork, Ireland, where he remained for some years.

From 1928 he was at Jos, Northern Nigeria, until 1930, and after a brief stay in England went to Canada for about five years. In 1935, he went to Western Australia to join the staff of the Great Boulder Proprietary, and was so employed until his death.

Mr. Ash was admitted to Studentship of the Institution in 1913 and was elected an Associate in 1922.

Vol. 50, Trans IMM 1940-41, p. 540

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