William Thomas Anderson, C.B.E., died on 28th May, 1948, at Box Hill, Surrey, at the age of 76.

He began his career at the Weardale Iron & Coal Co., Ltd., in 1894, where he was engaged in underground surveying, and in the following year joined the staff of New Heriot Gold Mining Co., Ltd., and Nourse Mines, Ltd., Witwatersrand, working there for three years. From 1898 to 1901 he held the position of assistant to Mr. G.E. Webber, general manager of Rand Mines, Ltd., and in 1902 became mine manager of Glen Deep, Ltd. He left Glen Deep in 1906 to take up a similar post at Rose Deep, Ltd., and from there went to Village Deep, Ltd., also as mine manager, from 1909 to 1910.

He was subsequently employed as engineer to Rand Mines, Ltd., and in 1912 was appointed general manager of East Rand Proprietary Mines, Ltd., shortly afterwards becoming super-intending engineer. In 1921 he went to live at Wynberg, Cape Province, joining the board of directors of Messina, (Transvaal) Development Co., Ltd., and of the Anglo French Exploration Co., Ltd., and on his return to England a few years later was, in 1926, made a member of the London Committee of Rooiberg Minerals Development Co., Ltd.

He was a director of a number of other companies, including Anglo-Burma, Tin Co., Ltd., Dolcouth Mine, Ltd., British American Mines, Ltd, Geevor Tin Mines, Ltd., Siamese Tin Mines, Ltd. (later re-named Thailand Tin Mines, Ltd.), Tati Co., Ltd., and Yala Mines, Ltd. Of Geevor Tin Mines, Ltd, Mr. Anderson became chairman in 1934, and chairman and managing director in 1935, relinquishing that position in 1941, but remaining on the board; he was also Chairman of Tati Co., Ltd., for two years from 1942.

He was elected to Membership of the Institution in 1913.

Vol. 58, Trans IMM 1948-49, p. 583

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