Ambrose William Freeman died at sea on October 1st, 1930, while on a voyage from Malaya to Australia.

Australian by birth, he graduated as B.A. at Sydney University in April, 1896, and as B.Eng. in December, 1903. Between his first course and his second at the University, he was employed for upwards of two years at the Mount Malcolm Proprietary gold mine, where he started as a surface labourer, and for a similar period at the Lancefield gold mine, of which he was part proprietor. On leaving the University, he spent some months in visiting properties in England, Europe, and the United States, and on his return to New South Wales he acquired two mines, the Harden gold mine and the Lobbs Hale copper mine. He also carried on an office at Sydney as a mining consultant; and this led to an association with tin-mining in Malaya, to which he devoted his energies almost exclusively from 1910 onwards.

Mr. Freeman was elected an Associate of the Institution in 1903, and transferred to Membership in 1912.

Vol. 40, Trans IMM 1930-31, pp.450-1

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