Robert James Frecheville died at Monte Carlo on December 20th, 1930, at the age of 84.

He was educated at King’s College, Windsor, Nova Scotia, and the Royal School of Mines London, and after graduating from the latter in 1869 he began his professional career in Neva Scotia, followed by three years in the mining districts of Nevada; Colorado, and California. From 1873 to 1877; he served in the Mining Department of the Japanese Government, and during 1878 and 1879 was manager of the El Callao Gold Wines in Venezuela.

He returned to England in 1880, to take up the position of H.M. Inspector of Mines for the West of England, and in 1886 started private practice as a consulting engineer in London.

Mr. Frecheville was elected a member of the Institution in 1894, and was a Member of Council from 1902 to 1912.

Vol. 41, Trans IMM 1931-2, p.655

[Brother of W. Frecheville]

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